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Meta tags are the elements which can be used in XHTML or HTML documents to offer metadata shape of a Web web page. HTML meta tags usually exist in the head phase. There are many meta tags available with specific attributes. These special HTML tags provide information approximately a Web web page e-g viewport, description, usa, robots, doc-kind, and many others.

This meta tags internet site analyzer device enables a consumer to analyze meta tags of a web page. Meta tags aren't required to maximum engines like google, but they can improve your search engine visitors if they're well delivered. This meta tag analyzer offers in-depth records about a web site’s metatags. You are the use of this gear due to the fact you know what's a meta tag. Further reading.

When you go to a library, you discover every e-book categorised. The net also works on this way, the hunt engine crawls internet pages, examine their meta tags and categorize them into their index and then gift the net pages on request.

If you don’t know a way to generate meta tags, use our meta tag generator device.


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